Balochistan, A land of Miracles!

بلوچِستان Urduبلوچِستان‎, Balōčistān, is a province of southwestern Pakistan. It spreads primarily along the eastern part of the geographic region of Balochistan. It is the largest of Pakistan’s four administrative provinces in terms of area, constituting approximately 44% of the country’s total land mass, and the smallest in terms of population, being home to less than 5% of the country’s population. Balochistan province is bordered by Afghanistan to the north and north-west, Iran to the south-west, the Arabian Sea to the south, Punjab and Sindh to the east, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas to the north-east.

Now coming to the point, When I thought of beginning this blog on Balochistan, I absolutely has no idea, It’d end up getting so tough! Balochistan is a largely unexplored paradise, even after constituting 44% of Pakistan, I don’t think we know more than 40% of the wonders present inside this mysterious land, after searching information for many days, I have finally thought I must write one blog on this largely unexplored heaven. This is the beauty of Pakistan, It still gives you a lot of opportunity to discover new places!

I had always thought myself that Balochistan was perhaps a land full of deserts and heat due to the specific media image, but I am left awe inspired, so will you be! Let’s start highlighting this God’s gift to Pakistan!
Let’s start with the capital of Baluchistan
These are not views of Moscow or Arctic, this is Quetta in winters


Amazed after seeing snow? Nah! Just wait, Let’s enter Ziarat
Ziarat was the most favourite hill station of Quaid e Azam, after seeing it’s beauty you’ll also know why Quaid chose it.



Ziarat is also home to the largest juniper forests in the world which are covered with snow in winters but become a lush green valley in summer
 and Ziarat residency of Quaid e Azam, that was sadly destroyed but now is in process of renovation again!
Talking about forests who can forget the beauty of Hanna Lake in Quetta
Still having doubts over It’s beauty just wait for winter and you’ll get mesmerized
Who can forget the beautiful Maria’abad, a suburb of Quetta also known as the valley of LOVE


There is also another water reservoir, The Hub Lake
Now who can forget the beautiful valley around Hanna Lake, also called Urak Valley
Urak Valley is also home to a number of water falls, namely Hanna Urak waterfalls!
Hazarganji literally means “Of a thousand treasures”. In the folds of these mountains, legend has it, that, there are over a thousand treasures buried, reminders of the passage of great armies down the corridors of history. The Bactrian, Scythians, Mongols and then the great migrating hordes of Pashtuns, all passed this way.


In the Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, 20 km southwest of Quetta, Markhors have been given protection.


Balochistan is also home to Sulaiman Mountain range, one of the largest ranges outside Himalayas!



In an Afghan legend, one of the highest peaks of the Takht-i Sulaiman (“Throne of Solomon”), 3,382 metres (11,096 ft) high, is associated with Prophet SolomonIbn Battutanames it Koh-i Sulaiman.[2] It is related that Prophet Solomon climbed this mountain and looked out over the land of South Asia, which was then covered with darkness, but he turned back without descending into this new frontier, and left only the mountain which is named after him (from Ibn Battuta). According to another legend, Noah’s Ark alighted in the Takht-i Sulaiman after the Deluge.
The city of Mastung
Mashkay Awaraan Dist


A miraculous lake inside Sulaiman Ranges
Views of Hingol River along Balochistan
Beautiful views of Bolan
Going towards Bolan Pass and waterfalls on the way
The land of Dalbandin


Time to take you all to Gondrani, the Largest Cave City Of The World, yes It is a billion dollar tourism sight still wondering for admirers!
It was said to be built by Prince Saif ul Malook, yes, that same one of Lake Saif ul Malook legend


In Pakistan there are more than 80 active mud volcanoes in Balochistan province; there are about 10 locations having clusters of mud volcanoes. In the west, in Gwadar District, the mud volcanoes are very small and mostly sit in the south of Jabal-e-Mehdi toward Sur Bandar. Many more exist in the north-east of Ormara.
They also make a billion dollar tourism industry for all other nations, but for Pakistan, it is a big NO
Filled with numerous fruit orchards, the Pishin Valley is 50 km away from Quetta. These orchards are irrigated by ‘karez’. There is yet another attraction of cool waters, i.e. man-made lake with Bund Khushdil Khan. A wide range of ducks provides enticing beauty during winters.



Yes, a few rare leopards are also found here!
Now get ready for a miracle, you though Grand Canyon was in Arizona, USA, Pakistan also has a grand canyon of It’s own in Chotok Khuzdar Balochistan!




The area of Wali Tangi
Who can forget Reko Diq, the land of Gold, said to host largest gold reserves of the world




A rock studded with Gold
Now who can forget Makran Coastal Highway!


We are going straight to Hingol National Park on Makran Hills




The nature made Sphinx of Pakistan as seen from Makran Coastal Highway

The 740 years old statue of Princess of Hope!
The Janui Acua Marine Drive!


You are right, we are reaching Gwadar now!




Time for you all to meet Astola Island, Pakistan’s largest offshore island
This new island came on surface after earthquake last year
Balochistan has more beautiful beaches than Dubai, If invested properly




The Oasis of Pir Ghaib


Astonishing for you but Balochistan also has glaciers, though they are called Salt Glaciers, yes mountains that are made of salts!
The Spin Karez
Balochistan once also had a dinosaur of it’s own, 40 feet long Balochitherium
A land rich of culture!


Balochistan is just a marvel in the beauty of Pakistan and It’ll always remain so, Insha’Allah, Nature like this makes me proud of being a Pakistani and so would you be !!!

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